Life at Ubi

We are Ubisoft Montreal

We are not a technology company; we are first and foremost a community of passionate experts brought together by a common goal: to enrich the lives of players. We are committed to success, to the desire to constantly exceed our limits and make a difference.

We are bold

We define the future of the industry, without compromise. Creating, challenging ourselves, facing and going beyond our limits—these are the motives that drive us every day. We have the resources to back our ambitions and a wealth of opportunities. Our determination to achieve excellence is what allows us to transform our ideas into reality.

We are creators

Together, we make history. We constantly push the limits of art, technology and storytelling. Our entrepreneurial processes and our resources encourage innovative ideas. Our teams’ agility enables each individual to exceed their limits and deliver the most inspiring worlds possible to our players.

We are a community

In the Ubisoft Montreal community, we adopt a “come as you are” approach. We value the uniqueness of each individual, because it is by uniting our strengths that we can create the best AAA games together, year after year. And because we are united for success as individuals and as a community, we recognize and celebrate each success. Praise and celebration are part of our everyday lives and how we build stronger and friendlier relationships.

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