Our recruitment steps

You’ve applied, now what?

One of our talent acquisition specialists will review your application. (We don’t use any tools to pick up on keywords in your CV.)

Then, here’s what you can expect during the recruitment process at Ubi MTL:

If we don’t move forward with your application at any stage, you’ll receive a response or follow-up. At times, it can take us a bit longer than expected to get back to you, but we won’t leave you in the dark.

Throughout the recruitment process, you can count on the availability and support of your talent acquisition specialist. Along the way, please feel free to ask them anything that’s on your mind and to request reasonable accommodations. You deserve a positive and pleasant candidate experience – and we want to provide you with one.

Your allies to create the unknown

Meet our talent acquisition specialists, a team motivated by connecting you to your next career opportunity. Passionate about fostering meaningful relationships and sharing their enthusiasm for the studio with you.