Playing our part for the environment

Climate change is one of the most important issues that we must collectively face. As a company, we acknowledge that we have our part to play and are taking concrete strides to get there.

At Ubisoft Montreal, we contribute to Ubisoft’s global action plan aiming towards carbon neutrality.  We are actively working to reduce our carbon footprint by decarbonizing our direct operations (through various waste reduction, composting, recycling, and donation programs, optimizing energy consumption, responsible purchases, and more) while also financing external certified low-carbon projects.

We aim to inspire team members, partners, and players by raising awareness and encouraging positive action for the climate and the environment.

Key Figures


studio employees

are part of our Green Community to drive action on environmental issues.


urban vines

make up our rooftop vineyard in Montreal! Planted in 2019 with the help of our Green Community and our partner Vignes en Ville.


bee hives

situated on our studio rooftop, were set up in 2022 to protect our neighbourhood’s biodiversity and raise awareness about the impact and importance of pollinators.


reduction target

per employee by the end of 2023 based on 2019 levels (which were at 9.5 t CO2e per employee).

Our Partners

Our Green Community

We are fortunate to have a Green Community that brings together 200 passionate employees who are keenly aware of climate change issues and want to take part in the studio’s decision-making process. They are all motivated to engage in discussions, exchange information and learn about the various issues related to climate change – well beyond the world of video games – while actively participating in the company’s green initiatives.

Learn more about our commitment to reducing environmental emissions on our Global website.