Diversity, Inclusion & Accessibility

Celebrating diversity and putting belonging at the heart of what we do

At Ubisoft, we strive to create games that reflect and celebrate the uniqueness of our players, team members, and communities. To do this, we have a clear approach to ensure diversity and inclusion is a cornerstone of our culture. Our aim is to set the standard for inclusion within our games and our communities.

Our teams in Montreal bring our approach to life by launching and growing six Employee Resource Groups, by embedding inclusion into how we recruit and grow our teams, and by establishing inclusive guidelines and processes. Our teams also bring more diversity into our games by developing BIPOC and 2SLGBTQIA+ characters.

In addition, we invest in our communities by partnering with diversity-related non-profit organizations and local university clubs.

Our Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups are voluntary, employee-led communities with shared identities or experiences that come together to help foster a sense of belonging by offering spaces to connect, cultivate new skills and champion a culture of inclusion.

Currently, our Montreal ERG chapters count over 500 members and allies in the following communities:

MAAA: Asian and Pacific Islanders community

B.J.E.D.I: Black community

Gente: Latino, Latinx, Latin, Hispanic community

ND + MH + A11Y: Neurodiversity, mental health & accessibility

UbiLove: 2SLGBTQIA+ community

WE: Women for Equity

And it’s only the beginning!

Our Key Figures


of all new hires are women

Increasing the number of women in our workforce is a priority for our studio. The hire rate has risen consistently over the last two years to reach 33% thanks to our teams efforts to attract and recruit more diverse talent.


different nationalities at the studio

The ethnic and cultural diversity of our teams allows us to better understand our players and successfully adapt our games to a variety of cultural contexts.


observances celebrated annually

Diversity-related observance days are opportunities to raise awareness about various causes, to get employees and leadership involved, and to celebrate and reinforce community achievements. These celebrations are a powerful educational tool.


To learn more about our commitments, visit our global website.