Donation and Sponsorships

Deeply rooted in our community

Ubisoft Montréal—like the Mile End neighbourhood and the city of Montreal—is creative, cosmopolitan, and connected. Over the years, the studio has forged lasting ties with the local ecosystem.

Our approach to the donations and sponsorships program

Ever since we hung our shingle in Montreal, we have been committed to initiating and supporting emerging and meaningful projects that focus on five major areas:


community engagement

the tech and video game industry

entrepreneurship through
Ubisoft Entrepreneurs

education through
Ubisoft Education

When making investment choices, we carefully consider our contribution to different communities and our commitment to diversity, inclusion and accessibility. We make a special effort to support responsible organizations that promote sustainable development through their actions and projects.

We are also committed to supporting local partners and meaningful projects through our Ubisoft Education and Ubisoft Entrepreneurs programs.

To learn more about our eligibility criteria for donations and sponsorships, we invite you to read our donation policy and sponsorship policy.

For donation and sponsorship requests, please fill out one of the forms below: