Ubisoft Montreal marks Black History Month

Black History Month celebrates resilience, innovation and determination for more inclusive and diverse environments. With the help of Ubisoft Montreal’s black community employee resource group, the studio has put forward initiatives to support this important month.

Happy Black History Month to all!

Dynasty Gala Partners & Hoodstock Donation

In order to show our support to the community, we are pleased to announce that Ubisoft Montreal will be a proud partner of the Dynasty Gala, which recognizes inspiring artistic personalities from Black communities, and that a donation of $10,000 will be made to Hoodstock, an organization that creates projects aimed at eliminating systemic inequalities and contributes to the development of supportive, inclusive, safe and dynamic communities. We wish everyone a great gala.

Initiatives for employees

The studio has also prepared a program of activities for employees to allow them to deepen their knowledge on the subject.

Historical tours on Black history in Montreal and virtual conference with Rito Joseph

Self-taught lecturer on cultural identity, researcher and entrepreneur, Rito Joseph verbalizes and contextualizes the history and presence of Black Canadians for over half a decade. Guided by Rito Joseph, our colleagues and their families will be able to stroll through one of Montreal’s four iconic neighbourhoods and discover the landmarks of black history in Montreal.

In addition, a dynamic conference through the ages is also offered to all our employees to deepen their knowledge of the Afro-descendant community of Montreal and learn more about their ancestors through archives, court documents, newspaper ads and photos.

Rito Joseph

Diversity Training

Our colleagues are also invited to a diversity training led by Karine Bah Tahé, Executive Director of Blue Level Training, in collaboration with the studio’s black community employee resource group.

This training will explore the notions of diversity, equity and non-inclusive behaviors. It will also demystify what racism and systemic discrimination are and contribute to learning best practices for a more inclusive company.

To find out more

To find out about other events related to Black History Month, we invite you to visit the official website here.