A look back at Earth Week 2021

Every year, we celebrate Earth Week at the studio. In collaboration with our green community, we’ve developed a virtual program that showcases green actions for home or the studio. Here’s a look back at our initiatives.


More than 400 employees took advantage of the exclusive Ubisoft discount to ride a BIXI in the summer. In addition to making thighs of steel, our colleagues contribute to ecological transportation!

Insertech virtual workshop: extend the life of your PC

Tired of having to change your computer as often as your pants? In this workshop, participants learned the basics of how to improve their PC’s performance and to clean it safely to help it live longer. You also wish to extend your PC’s life?

Here are 3 important things to remember:

1) Dust and clean your devices (in French only)
2) Clean up your data (in French only)
3) Clean your hard drive (C) (in French only)

AQZD virtual lecture: zero waste working from home

In this lecture, participants discovered the 10 main sources that create waste whether working from home (excluding food ordered online!) or at the office, as well as the best practices to put in place to improve.

Their top 3 tips:

1) Aim for material efficiency, optimize the use of your equipment and focus on durability.

2) Configure devices to minimize power consumption and unplug them when not in use.

3) Reduce the amount or size of what you send (emails), view and store.

Go to the Quebec Zero Waste Association’s website to learn more about their activities and upcoming events.

We’d like to thank our teams for organizing this program for Earth Week 2021, this means a lot to us and our planet!