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This policy details the general framework and the administration rules of Ubisoft Montreal’s donations. It takes into account the strategic objectives and the organizational realities of the studio.

A donation is a philanthropic contribution made in money, in products or in services to non-profit organizations from the fields supported by Ubisoft Montreal.

A donation essentially expresses Ubisoft’s values and social advocacy and does not necessarily command a return on investment.


With this policy, Ubisoft Montreal is able to:

Give a decision-making and administrative framework to the Ubisoft Montreal Communications team, while ensuring the application of transparency, rigour and equity principles;
Let every requesting organization know the selection criteria and the fields supported by the Ubisoft Montreal studio in an effort of transparency and to clearly identify eligible requests;
Allow the studio to clearly position its social advocacy and to make pertinent choices that will maximize benefits for Ubisoft and requesting organizations;
Ensure that the donations are integrated into the global communication strategy and contribute to Ubisoft Montreal’s goals.

Our approach

In order to assume its social responsibility, the studio has written a policy articulating around two major axes: community involvement and culture and the emerging arts.

Ubisoft Montreal is a true Mile-End resident: creative, cosmopolitan and involved. In the past 13 years, the Montreal studio has built relationships with different community institutions in the neighbourhood.

Donation fields
Do note that selected projects must fill at least two out of three of these criteria.

In some exceptional cases, Ubisoft Montreal reserves the right to make donations in other fields than the ones mentioned below. This is at the discretion of Ubisoft Montreal’s Communications Service.

  • Youth: Ubisoft Montreal commits to the support of organizations offering activities and projects for youth 18 years and younger. This is the only mandatory criterion in the selection of donation requests.
  • Education and culture: Selected projects must have an educative (prevent student dropout) or cultural (encourage creativity among underprivileged youth) mandate.
  • Solidarity: Supported organizations should help improve youth’s quality of life.


  1. Donations or handed out to organizations or events must:
    • Hold the event in Montreal, if applicable, and attract people of 18 years and younger;
    • Represent a group of individuals;
    • Be well-managed;
    • Not be affiliated, as an organization or as an event, with a sport, religious or a political cause.
  2. All donation requests must:
    • Be submitted in writing by filling out the donation form;
    • Be submitted at least 60 days before the event.
  3. Donations to an organization cannot be made for more than three years in a row, as to allow a greater number of organizations to benefit from this opportunity.
  4. Organizations who benefit from Ubisoft Montreal donations must:
    • Have a non-profit organization status;
    • Provide verified yearly financial results;
    • Provide a plan and a budget indicating actual fundraising methods and use of funds, including those being requested;
    • Specialize in the fields encouraged by Ubisoft Montreal.

Donation administration

  1. Reach
    The local level is favoured in the selection of projects. This territory encompasses the city of Montreal and, more specifically the Mile-End neighbourhood.

    Decision-making Process
    All donation requests must be submitted in writing by filling out the Donation Form. Once the form is filled and sent, the Ubisoft Montreal Communications team will carry out a preliminary analysis and recommend accepting or refusing the request in accordance with this policy.

    * Ubisoft reserves the right to refuse a request even if the organization fits the criteria.

    Donation process
    The five-step process is essentially the same for a donation:

    1. Request reception: The Ubisoft Montreal Communications Service is entirely responsible for treating donation requests. 
      * Only donation requests made in writing and submitted with the Donation Form will be considered. Letters and circulars will not be treated, and individuals and organizations that contact the Communications Service by phone will be invited to read this policy.
    2. A response email is then sent to the organization.
    3. Negotiation of agreement: for every donation, an agreement protocol indicating the responsibilities of each party must be written.



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