Ubisoft Sponsors User Interface Library for C++ “Dear ImGui”

Following its adhesion to the Blender Development Fund to support open source animation in early 2019, Ubisoft has confirmed a sponsorship of the Dear ImGui open source project, a bloat-free graphical user interface for C++. Omar Cornut, Dear ImGui’s Lead Developer and Technical Director of Lizardcube, describes the deal as “a notable growth factor for the project in 2020”.

Ubisoft has used Dear ImGui in the last two years on several AAA projects. Adopted by the Assassin’s Creed team in 2016, and then by Rainbow Six a year later, it has been described by team members as a great tool that enables fast iterations and the empowerment of programmers to create content creation tools and visualization.

“Dear ImGui is an elegant immediate mode GUI that fundamentally changes the way that production and debug tools are developed at Ubisoft. This productivity library is an amazingly efficient way to increase the quality of these tools,” says Nicolas Fleury, Technical Architect on Rainbow Six: Siege.

More info about this tool on the GitHub page.