Ubisoft La Forge presents:
the Commit-Assistant

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Joining the strengths of academic research to the video game industry’s practical realities can lead to innovative initiatives, which is exactly what Ubisoft La Forge has accomplished with Commit-Assistant, a prototype developed in collaboration with academic experts.

The Commit-Assistant aims to identify patterns in past bugs to better intercept new bugs. It will allow teams to save on debugging time and focus on the creation of quality features.

Mathieu Nayrolles, technical architect at the studio, has been interested in the subject since 2011. He started a Ph.D. at Concordia University in 2014, within the Intelligent System Logging And Monitoring Research Lab (ISLM) and under the direction of Dr. Wahab Hamou-Lhadj. He then joined Ubisoft La Forge in March 2017 to bring this prototype to life. “In the academic community, we can model and validate our approaches by using open-source data, but being able to confirm them with industrial data is invaluable,” he says.

A scientific article, born from the collaboration between the ISLM Lab and Ubisoft La Forge, has been approved for publication at the 15th international conference on Mining Software Repositories.


Mathieu Nayrolles (Ubisoft La Forge), Abdelwahab Hamou-Lhadj (ECE Department, Concordia University)