TURBULENT and the Importance of an Involved Gaming Community

With Ubisoft Entrepreneurs, Ubisoft aims to help local entrepreneurs by sharing its extensive network, internal expertise, appeal, and brand awareness. In this series of articles, we introduce you to talented entrepreneurs with whom we have developed a winning collaboration. A few years ago, the Montreal studio was put in touch with Turbulent.

About Turbulent

Founded in 2002, Turbulent has expertise in the development of tools that help create connections between a brand and its communities. With its integrated, scalable and creative approach, the company is an ally of choice for unleashing a brand’s full potential, regardless of its target audiences.

We co-create custom, sustainable technology solutions that are tailored to your existing digital reality and that are flexible enough to adapt to the multitude of possibilities the future holds.

At that time, the objectives of each were as follows:

  • Turbulent: Expand their reach and develop the market for their gamer community mobilization solution called Please Fix;
  • Ubisoft: Minimize the time between the detection of a bug by the gaming community on Rainbow 6 Siege and the correction of that bug by the development team.

After quickly realizing that we could help each other achieve these goals, a collaboration was born.
Benoît Beauséjour, co-founder of Turbulent, met with the Rainbow 6 Siege production team and together they discussed the situation in order to understand each other’s real needs.

Benoît immediately proposed Please Fix, a community tool developed by Turbulent (under the name “R6Fix” for Rainbow 6 Siege and “Issue Council” for Star Citizen), which allows players to easily produce comprehensive reports on bugs encountered in the game and share them with the game developers.

The Rainbow 6 Siege team was wondering if players would adopt this new approach and change their habits of communicating and sharing bugs.

After several tests, the developers were convinced by the effectiveness of R6Fix. The reports produced were very detailed and of high quality, with supporting visuals. Once adopted by the Rainbow 6 Siege team, R6Fix was integrated into the production pipeline and is now part of the developers’ routine. The tool has greatly facilitated the bug fixing process and has increased the benefits of collaboration between players and the developers of their favorite game tenfold.

For Turbulent, this collaboration has allowed them to gain experience, growth and development potential, and has opened new doors to the coveted AAA game market. It has also led them to diversify and create an intellectual property development and commercialization division in management software and community mobilization. The successful deployments of Please Fix for Rainbow Six Siege (R6Fix) and Star Citizen (issues Council) convinced Turbulent to invest heavily in the development of its Please Fix Software to ensure its commercialization on a larger scale.

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