Stars and Praises for Far Cry 6

Conquering a perilous island ruled by a sadistic and ruthless dictator is a daunting task, but winning the hearts of the public can sometimes be just as… challenging!

Fortunately, our teams’ incredible work rivals that of the most creative guerrillas and makes Far Cry 6 a game that’s acclaimed by many. The stunning graphics, explosive action and gripping story are just some of the things that have won over the crowd. With so much praise, even Antón Castillo’s oversized ego would be flattered!

So here are some of the critics who were won over by the charm, and strength, of Yara.


Le graphisme de cette île tropicale est magnifique … Les combats sont d’un réalisme terrifiant, que ce soit pour attaquer et faire exploser les destroyers de Castillo – La Presse ★★★★

…il livre la marchandise pas à peu près! Il est immense, il est beau, techniquement au top, bourré de missions, alors certes il ne va pas vous surprendre comme un Far Cry 3, mais l’histoire est bonne, les personnages hauts en couleur, l’univers plaisant.- RDS Jeux Vidéo 8/10

Far Cry 6 is some of the most fun I’ve had with this series in nearly a decade. Its cast delivers strong performances across an enjoyable story – IGN 8/10

 All the important things you love about Far Cry are still there, and there’s more of it than ever. It’s a supersized playground of chaos and helicopters and unexpected rooster content and things that explode and will last you well into 2022. – Games Radar ★★★★

Congratulations once again to all the teams and studios that have made Far Cry 6 a game that will forever mark this franchise!