Programming to develop young people’s interest in STEM

Coding is a great way to develop fundamental skills such as logic and mathematics. Here are a few activities to fire up young people’s imaginations and get them interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines. From elementary school to university, our partners work hard to develop kids’ scientific minds and spark their interest in science and technology by providing activities in Quebec classrooms and public places the whole family can access. 

Coding workshops in Quebec’s public schools and libraries

By Kids Code Jeunesse

Level: Elementary
Location: Quebec schools and libraries*

Kids Code Jeunesse is a bilingual Canadian non-profit organization aimed at giving every child access to an education in digital skills, especially girls and underserved communities. The organization offers free introductory activities in schools and public spaces, allowing young people to explore coding and revel in its infinite possibilities. These events are the ideal way for students, teachers and the whole family to learn something new together.

As an early partner of this non-profit organization, Ubisoft is proud to support the rollout of the Code Québec initiative which will initiate nearly 600 teachers and 15,000 kids to programming basics by the end of 2022.

*Visit the Kids Code Jeunesse website for the full list of participating libraries and to find out more about Code Clubs.

Programming Workshops

By Code MTL

Level: Elementary
Location: Participating Montreal schools*

Code MTL encourages digital numeracy through visual programming in kids aged 5 to 12. The aim is to introduce students in preschool to Grade 3 to programming through eight fun workshops. These are especially tailored to their needs and held in Montreal’s schools. The Code MTL program uses Scratch educational software, which brings together 40 million projects created and shared by around 15 million children worldwide. Scratch was developed by the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, USA.

Every year, more than 3,000 Montreal students and their teachers enjoy eight, fun-filled programming workshops, with the support of Ubisoft.

*Visit the Code MTL website to see the list of participating schools and find out more about the workshops.

Free digital kits to introduce students to programming

By Réseau Technoscience

Level: Elementary and high school
Location: Primary and high schools, public libraries and youth centres* in Quebec

For 50 years, Réseau Technoscience’s goal has been to get young people across Quebec interested in science and technology. With its strong regional connections, every year this organization has introduced nearly 3,000 primary and high school students to programming with digital kits that are available to classroom teachers for free.

*Visit the Réseau Technoscience website to learn more about their digital kits.

The Biggest Science Festival for the Whole Family

By Eurêka! the Festival

Level: Age 6+
Location: The Old Port of Montreal

Eurêka! is Quebec’s biggest annual science fair for schools and the whole family. On the agenda: 3 fun-filled days of scientific discoveries and a whole array of free interactive activities. Since its creation in 2007, over a million enthusiastic visitors have participated in the fair, including more than 50,000 students who came with their schools.

In 2019, Ubisoft Education took part in the Eurêka! Festival to spark young people’s interest in technology with a series of conferences, programming workshops and game stations. As always, we’ll be a partner in the 2021 Techno Zone, promoting and celebrating careers in science and technology.

*Visit the Eurêka! Festival website to find out more about this event.

Explore—Life-Sized Science

By Montreal Science Centre

Level: All ages
Location: Montreal Science Centre

The Explore exhibition at the Science Centre is the new permanent exhibition that allows you to delve into the science behind motion, air, light, water, geometry and matter, and even experiment with code in highly interactive and entertaining spaces.

Ubisoft Education is the proud partner of this exhibition, particularly the code zone, which will allow young people to explore the fundamentals of programming and coding.

To find out more about the exhibition, go to the Explore exhibition page.


Whatever their career interests, basic STEM skills will be fundamental for young people to achieve their professional dreams. That’s why Ubisoft Education supports initiatives that develop creativity, cooperation, critical thinking, problem-solving, computer thinking and empathy, and that call on the expertise of Ubisoft employees.

Want to find out more about the program? See all our initiatives on the Ubisoft Education page. You can also find all our latest news on Ubisoft Education’s Facebook and Instagram pages.