Quebec flavour in Far Cry New Dawn

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Every game from our Montreal studio contains lots of local talent per square inch. Tons of work hours by our passionate people are invested into each of our experiences. Sometimes, there are a few winks and references to Quebec culture, and finding these hidden gems can be really entertaining.

The Far Cry team decided to push the concept MUCH further with the release of New Dawn. Brace yourselves: there is loads of Quebec content in Far Cry 5’s much-anticipated sequel…

A post-apocalyptic visual world by Zilon

If you find yourself walking in Montreal, you might see Zilon’s mesmerizing characters painted on walls and in alleyways (for instance, next to Ubisoft’s offices on Saint-Laurent Boulevard). This artist is a well-known figure of the Montreal art scene, and his underground, punk-style drawings have been traveling the world since the 1980s. His style is the perfect addition to Far Cry’s colourful sequel. Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of Zilon’s work on your adventure in New Dawn’s post-apocalyptic Montana.

Roger Cadoret, helicopter pilot from the Great White North

In the game, you will soon meet Roger Cadoret, a colourful helicopter pilot. It is impossible to deny the origins of Roger: as soon as he speaks, his accent is clearly from Quebec.



Vincent Leclerc lends his voice to the character. It was this famous French-Canadian actor’s initiation to video games, and he admits not being a gamer himself. Vincent found the experience liberating, and is rather proud of his experience and his character: “I had a blast. The game creators supported us greatly in the studio. I would definitely do it again! I am very happy that the Quebec accent can be heard around the world.

Throughout the game, his character uses many typical expressions from our province, to the delight of local fans. Vincent’s favourite line of dialogue in the game? “It’s the one where Roger looks at a bridge that was bombed and compares it to our bridges in Montreal BEFORE the war.” You will have to play to find out more!

Get ready for a good dose of local flavour as Far Cry New Dawn launches on February 15th. Quebec makes a remarkable appearance, one more reason to be proud of the games we produce!