Pierre-Jules Tremblay

Managing Director, Ubisoft Montréal

Pierre-Jules Tremblay is an electrical engineer who graduated from McGill University with a master’s degree in artificial vision. In 2004, after founding an AI-focused startup where he invested seven years, he shifted his focus to the video game industry. Over the past two decades, he has held key positions at Quazal Technologies, Behaviour Interactive, and Ubisoft.

During his time at Ubisoft in 2011, Pierre-Jules played a pivotal role in transitioning to the free-to-play model. Notably, he contributed to projects like Mighty Quest for Epic Loot and Ghost Recon Phantoms. In 2014, he founded GO-2—an initiative aimed at better equipping Ubisoft for the game-as-a-service shift. During this period, Pierre-Jules and his team developed new job descriptions, processes, and tools while recruiting and training talent to support this transformation. GO-2’s efforts significantly impacted projects such as Siege and For Honor.

In 2017, following the merger of TGO and GO-2, Pierre-Jules led the Online One Team project, uniting diverse teams to enhance efficiency. His leadership and long-term vision fostered close collaboration between Online Services and game production teams.

With over 13 years of solid experience at Ubisoft, Pierre-Jules has demonstrated his ability to navigate effectively and credibly within the company. He collaborates with individuals at all levels and serves as a coach to help them reach their full potential.

Recognized for his transformational prowess, Pierre-Jules excels at swiftly breaking down barriers while driving lasting change. His expertise in AI, video games, and organizational transformation makes him a valuable asset for ambitious and innovative projects.