Portrait of the three inspiring Ubisoft Women in Tech ambassadors

The three Ubisoft Women in Tech ambassadors have been announced: Amira Boutouchent, Julie Tousignant, and Catherine Proulx will be the inspiring role models for the initiative made in collaboration with The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitain Montreal. The objective: encourage young women to consider one of the many careers in the technology sector. In the coming months, they will have a unique experience that will include meeting entrepreneur Randi Zuckerberg as part of a Bell International Leaders event and travelling to Silicon Valley for a trade mission. Throughout the campaign, the ambassadors will share their experience with the public, particularly young women, through a series of events, videos, and digital communications.

Catherine Proulx, Julie Tousignant and Amira Boutouchent

“Montréal is known for its diversity and large talent pool,” said Cédric Orvoine, Vice-President, Human Resources and Communications, for Ubisoft Montréal. “And yet, women are still underrepresented in high tech. We need to build more awareness as a society to ensure they have a greater presence in the industry and motivate more girls and women to study in technology fields. The participation of our three Ubisoft Women in Tech ambassadors will show younger generations the variety of careers in technology.”

Ambassadors with diverse technology profiles

The ambassadors selected for the Women in Tech initiative have profiles that illustrate the diversity and potential of jobs in high tech, from research to entrepreneurship and programming.

Julie Tousignant
Programmer, Ubisoft

“During my career, I have seen the impact of the underrepresentation of women in high tech, because I was often the only female programmer on a given team,” Julie Tousignant said. “I am lucky to be with a company that cares about this issue and that has enabled me to thrive. I am happy to be able to share my experience and offer the next generation of women in technology a positive image of our industry.” – Julie Tousignant



Julie Tousignant was interested in the technology industry from a young age. Her parents encouraged her to explore her passion early on and suggested she register for the bachelor’s program in digital imaging and media at the Université de Sherbrooke to tap into her potential. It was the start of a successful adventure in video game programming that led her to spend two years working in San Francisco, before bringing her back to Montréal in 2017.

Amira Boutouchent
Cofounder and CEO, BRIDGR

“I agreed to sign on to the Ubisoft Women in Tech campaign to show young women that there are endless career opportunities in technology.” – Amira Boutouchent

A native of Algeria, Amira Boutouchent arrived in Montréal with a computer engineering degree in hand. After completing a master’s in management at HEC Montréal, she made the move to entrepreneurship. In 2016, she cofounded the company BRIDGR, which offers a platform driven by artificial intelligence that gives industrial enterprises access to the top experts and technologies for a successful digital transformation.

Catherine Proulx
Digital Health Researcher, National Research Council of Canada

“Technology is much broader in scope than people think. That is what I want to show as a Ubisoft Women in Tech ambassador.” – Catherine Proulx

Catherine Proulx completed studies in computer engineering. She spent almost a decade developing medical devices and then made a shift to the video game industry. Two years ago, she went back to her first love – health – and now spends her days studying how virtual reality can be harnessed to better understand and respond to the medical challenges involved in human brain health. Her position at the National Research Council of Canada allows her to combine her passion and expertise: health and technology.


Learn more about the Ubisoft Women in Tech initiative: https://www.ccmm.ca/en/training-and-events/supporting-women-in-the-technology-sector/http://ccmm.ca/femmesentechubisoft