Partnering up with Mozilla to develop an AI Coding Assistant

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We are very proud to announce that the Technology Group, our internal technology partner of game production teams, is working with Mozilla to enhance Clever-Commit. It is an AI technology developed to help programmers evaluate if a code change introduces a new bug by learning from past bugs and fixes.

Clever-Commit was first introduced to the world as a prototype named Commit-Assistant last year by Ubisoft La Forge, in collaboration with Concordia University. First tested with data accumulated during the development of video games, the prototype was then transferred to the Ubisoft Technology Group with the mission to develop, adapt and deploy it to our production teams worldwide. The AI technology will ultimately identify and fix bugs, and help the teams release better quality features for our millions of players.

“Working with Mozilla on Clever-Commit allows us to support other programming languages and increase the overall performance of the technology.  Using this tech in our games and Firefox will allow developers to be more productive, since they can spend more time creating the next feature rather than fixing bugs. Ultimately, this will allow us to create even better experiences for our gamers and increase the frequency of our game updates,” adds Mathieu Nayrolles, technical architect, data scientist and member of the Technology Group at Ubisoft Montreal.

The beta version of Clever-Commit is already deployed on some of the studio’s major AAA titles.

Mozilla will integrate Clever-Commit into the Firefox developers’ workflow and use the tool during the code review phase, and if conclusive, at other stages of the code-writing process.

We are so proud of this partnership and that the Clever-Commit assistant may have a big part to play in helping Mozilla make its browser even better for everybody.

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To learn more about our prototyping space, visit the Ubisoft La Forge page.