A mission of innovation

This entity aims to accelerate R&D through prototyping, by bringing together experts from the industry and from the academic sector. Through this process, Ubisoft La Forge hopes to be able to validate its learnings while testing the value of technological innovations, and in doing so, fill the gap between theory and practice.

A collaborative space

Ubisoft La Forge brings together a team of employees and scholars who are assigned the mission of building a prototype over a few months’ time. The team will be located in our offices in Montreal, immersed in the realities of the industry. Combining these two very distinct, but highly compatible sectors to share their knowledge will allow for new ideas and innovative concepts to emerge.

Concrete results

The areas of research are aligned with Ubisoft’s core mission and technologies, and cover a wide range of subjects such as rendering, animation, AI, audio, physics and even tools to understand and manage our gamers. Ultimately, the prototypes created will be implemented on our productions, and the learnings will be shared with the academic sector.