School visits

School Visits Kit

While waiting to be able to welcome school groups back to the studio, we have adapted our visit format to offer a complete virtual experience.

What’s in the kit?

  • A presentation of the steps in creating a video game
  • A studio tour
  • Employees profiles

Plan a period of about 1 hour 30 minutes with your students to watch all of our videos and discuss the professions offered in science and technology.

Before viewing

In order to enhance your visit and to properly prepare your students, we suggest a group discussion to start the activity.
Experts estimate that 85% of the professions of 2030 have not yet been invented *. What do they think these new jobs will look like?

* Source: Dell Technologies and L’Institut du Futur study – May 2017.

The viewing

The steps in creating a video game

The studio tour

Nicolas Gauthier-Régis
Technical Artist

Mackly Férère-Antoine
Animation Programmer

Annie-Claude Bergeron
Level Artist

Véronique Bouffard
Community Developer

Anita Haurie
Gameplay Programmer

Olivier Lamothe-Penelle
Technical Architect

Juliette Lacharme
Monetization specialist

Marie-Pier Drouin
UI Programmer

Claudia Nguyen
Project Manager

Jessica Maher
Game Designer

Alexandre Audette Génier
AI Programmer

Katryne Laberge
Game Designer

Special videos with Farah Alibay
for Hooked on School Days

After viewing

Visit the Ubisoft Education page to learn more about the programs offered in collaboration with our partners. Available in class or at home, there is no shortage of activities to deepen your students’ knowledge in science and technology!


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