Our Commitments

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Enriching players’ lives together
in a sustainable world

At the Montreal studio, we are committed to making a long-lasting positive impact for our teams, our players, our partners, and our planet. To get there, we are creating an inclusive work environment where everyone can be themselves. We also partner with local organizations and are actively reducing our studio’s environmental impact.

Ubisoft Education

From elementary school to university, Ubisoft Education seeks to inspire youth with the potential of technology, develop their STEM skills, and encourage them to transform their passions into expertise.

Ubisoft Entrepreneurs

Ubisoft Entrepreneurs is an exclusive gateway to Ubisoft’s expertise and local and international networks, as well as to venture capital. The goal: accelerate the success of entrepreneurs in Quebec’s techno-creative industry by assisting them in their growth.

Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility

We believe in a “come as you are” approach and we are committed to building more inclusive worlds in video games, in our studio and in our community.


Climate change is a serious issue that affects us all, and we are committed to doing our part to reduce our environmental impact and encourage our employees, players and community to do the same.

R&D / La Forge

Ubisoft La Forge is a prototyping space where ideas on technology, originating from a collaboration between university research and production teams, are brought to life.

Donations and Sponsorships

Through donations and sponsorships, we support creative projects and organizations in line with the studio’s vision and values.

Ubisoft’s Canadian Impact Report

Ubisoft’s 2022- 2023 Canadian Impact Report outlines our contribution to fostering a more sustainable and inclusive society for our colleagues, players, partners, communities and our planet.

Giving back

Our teams are encouraged to volunteer their time to causes that they care about most through three paid volunteer days per year.