What is your advice for working at Ubisoft Montreal?

Whether you are applying for a position as a scriptwriter, level designer, artist or something else, what’s important is getting experience in the sector and in your field of expertise. If you want to become a scriptwriter, then write! Want to be a designer? Start building your portfolio!

Some positions may require specific training. Our job descriptions include detailed explanations of what we are looking for. We invite you to apply for jobs that satisfy your interests and your professional development needs.

Apart from technical skills, at Ubisoft, we look for team players—passionate people who want to develop in an organic work environment, curious minds who are not afraid of asking questions and sharing their ideas. Getting your start in the world of video gaming by participating in collaborative projects (e.g. game jams and hackathons) is a plus, as it shows your ability to work in team and your interest in the industry.

You can also follow Ubisoft on social media, we’re everywhere! Stay tuned for our job opportunities by visiting our Careers section; our job descriptions are the best sources of information to learn about our recruitment needs.

What is your selection process?

How to apply: the best way is to apply for positions available on our website. Make sure that your profile meets the basic requirements indicated in the job description, because we look for candidates that match our needs as closely as possible. Reflect on your professional skills and highlight the ones we are looking for. For example, a modelling portfolio should contain modelling art.

First contact: if your profile matches our needs, you will receive a phone call or an email from one of our recruiters. The purpose is to get to know your motivations better and gather more information about your experience related to the job.

Aptitude test: based on the type of job you’re applying for, we may send you an aptitude test to assess your skills (e.g. general programming test).
Face-to-face or video conference interview: an interview with the recruiter and managers will be scheduled. This will help us get to know you better and tell you about the job you are applying for. It also helps you decide if you want to work with us!

References: make sure that you inform your references that you have given their names, so that they expect to hear from us.

Response: if all these steps go well, the recruiter will send you a job offer. If you are not selected, you will nonetheless receive a follow-up from our recruiter.

Do you accept spontaneous applications?

We prefer receiving job applications based on our current needs, i.e. through the job offers posted on our website.

What are the requirements for international applications?

International applications are handled in the same way as applications received from Canadian candidates, i.e. according to the criteria outlined in the job posting. International applicants must have at least an undergraduate university degree, have three years of related experience and comply with immigration requirements. We have an international mobility team that will assist you with work permits and immigration procedures.

Is speaking French a requirement for working at Ubisoft?

Since we are based in Montreal, we have daily contact with a French-speaking environment. Depending on the job you are applying for, it is important you speak at least French or English. Ubisoft encourages its employees to learn French and we even offer language classes. Not only will you work in a job that you love, but you will also be able to perfect your French or English skills!

Should I provide a cover letter with my CV?

A cover letter is not required. However, if it is well written and provides additional useful information about you, feel free to add it to your CV!

What measures has Ubisoft Montreal taken regarding allegations of unacceptable behavior within the Ubisoft Group?

The recent allegations of unacceptable behavior within the Ubisoft Group are deeply troubling and we take them very seriously. We would like to express our deep solidarity to all those who have been directly hurt by abusive or inappropriate behavior at Ubisoft. These actions are absolutely unacceptable and in total contradiction with our values. We recognize that we must do better, that we must be better. We are committed to cultivating a respectful and safe work environment.

Ubisoft Montreal is implementing a concrete action plan to guarantee an environment where everyone is able to express themselves, develop and flourish both personally and professionally in the studio.

For the details of this action plan, see the article Concrete measures for a respectful and safe environment for all.


Which field of study should I choose to work in the videogame industry?

Are you passionate about video games and considering studying in a related field? Here are five tips that can help you plan your journey toward a career in the industry.

  1. Choose a wide field of study, such as sciences or mathematics, which will lead to many employment opportunities after graduation.
  2. Before settling on a path, take time to look at job postings on studios’ websites. You will see what skills are essential for the jobs you are interested in and you will be able plan your education accordingly.
  3. Complement your university education by participating in game jams or game development clubs, and by developing side projects on your own time to hone and demonstrate your skills.
  4. Early in your career, keep an open mind and look for opportunities that will allow you to keep growing – the best keep an open mind and never stop learning throughout their whole careers. The video-game industry moves fast, and change is a way of life.
  5. Regardless of the courses you  end up choosing or the job you’re aiming for, when you’re meeting with a recruiter it’s important to be clear about your accomplishments and interests. You should be able to clearly demonstrate that you have mastered the required skills.

Quebec boasts an excellent post-secondary education system that can lead to a career in game development.

Do you offer one-day internships?

Our one-day internship program has been suspended for an indefinite period. Thank you for your understanding.

Do you offer internships?

Yes, students are invited to apply for internships at Ubisoft! We are always searching for new ideas and new talents to train and develop. We offer programming internships to students with at least an undergraduate degree. We offer internships lasting 4, 6 or 8 months. Internship opportunities can be found mostly at local universities.


Who can I contact for support regarding Ubisoft games and services?

For support on a Ubisoft game or service, please contact Ubisoft Support: https://support.ubi.com/en-US/.

How can I submit a comment or a question regarding a Ubisoft game?

For questions or comments regarding one of Ubisoft’s games, please visit the Ubisoft Forums page (https://forums.ubi.com/) or contact the Ubisoft Canada team (https://www.facebook.com/pg/Ubisoft.Canada/).

Can I send you game ideas?

Unfortunately, because we receive a high volume of similar requests and because there are legal concerns involved, we are unable to review, consider or personally respond to unsolicited proposals. If your email contained any attachments or additional information, we hereby declare that we cannot and have not reviewed those elements.  With that said, we highly value ambition and creativity at Ubisoft, and encourage you to take a look at opportunities to join our teams.

can I try out the games you are currently developing?

Ubisoft User Research Labs are always looking for new players 3 years of age and older to try out the games we are currently developing. To learn more, please visit: https://playtest-secure.ubi.com/faq.php

What are your upcoming games?

Nice try, but we unfortunately cannot give any information on our game plans. 😉


How can I choose a game adapted to my child's age and preferences?

The best way to assess whether or not a game is suitable for your child, is to play with them. When choosing a game for your child, here are several criteria to keep in mind:

  • Your child’s age: some games are suitable for everyone, while others are recommended for a mature audience. We recommend you look to the ESRB classifications to choose the most appropriate game for your child. These classifications are clearly displayed on video game packs and online purchasing platforms. To know more about age rating in your country, please refer to Q10.
    You can use parental controls available on all major consoles and PC to set customized age limits. To know more about how to set up parental controls, please refer to the following question of this FAQ.
  • The game genre: like movies and books, video games offer a range of experiences: action, adventure, strategy, sports, role-playing, first person shooter, third person shooter, racing, puzzle… Depending on the genre, your child will exercise different skills to succeed and have fun. For example, a platforming game will require dexterity and perseverance, a strategy game will require focus, thinking and anticipation, a multiplayer game will require social interaction while a shooter will require quick decision-making and teamwork…
  • The level of difficulty: some games provide several difficulty levels in order to adapt to the different kind of players and improve the game’s accessibility.
  • The online interactivity: some games are designed to be solo experiences. Some others include an online multiplayer mode where your child may interact with other players via text or voice chat or can share different kind of content like photos.

Some of our games have free demos available that will allow you to verify whether or not the content and level of difficulty is appropriate for your child before purchase.

We also recommend visiting Écran Partagé, a bilingual educational guide to video games for parents and novices. The games are categorized by age of player, platform, features, etc. The mission of this site is to help parents understand video games better, by finding the information they need quickly, thus allowing them to better accompany and protect their children in their video game practice.

How can I set up parental controls on my console/PC/mobile?

  • If you own a PlayStation 3, visit this page
  • If you own a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro, visit this page
  • If you own an Xbox 360, visit this page
  • If you own an Xbox One, visit this page
  • If you own a Switch, Nintendo has developed a mobile app that helps you set up parental controls. You can learn more about the app here
  • If you own a PC equipped with Windows, visit this page
  • If you own a MAC, visit this page
  • If you own an Android system, visit this page
  • If you own an Apple system, visit this page (Parental Control) and this one (Guided Access)

The most common features include managing your child’s play time (setting time limits, scheduling when they are allowed to play), restricting and/or monitoring the type of content they can access and restricting and/or monitoring online features (including chat and online payments).

What are the recommendations for healthy video game and screen time use for families?

Ubisoft is committed to delivering positive gaming experiences for players around the world. In collaboration with health experts and industry partners, we answer the questions most frequently asked by players and their families. Visit our Family & gaming section.

In addition, we invite you to visit the Technology section of Ligne Parents [French only] to receive useful advice on healthy screen time use.. Ligne Parents representatives are always available to answer any questions you may have regarding this topic. Tel-Jeunes also provides a Technology section [French only] for youth to educate them on using the Internet and playing video games.

Ubisoft Education

How can I subscribe to Ubisoft Education?

Ubisoft Education represents a group of initiatives in support of future techno-creative generations. Most initiatives are in partnership with organisms outside of Ubisoft Montreal. All information regarding the different partners can be found on our Education page.

Ubisoft Education's activities cover which territory?

The Ubisoft Education program is available throughout the province of Quebec (Canada) for the moment.

Do you organize visits for schools?

While waiting to be able to welcome school groups back to the studio, we have adapted our visit format to offer a complete virtual experience. To obtain the kit, visit the school visits page.

Other questions

Is it possible to visit your studio?

To ensure the confidentiality of our productions, we unfortunately do not offer visits of our studio, except for school trips. Please note that while waiting to be able to welcome school groups back to the studio, we have adapted our visit format to offer a complete virtual experience. To obtain the kit, visit the school visits page.

What is the procedure for applying for donations or sponsorships?

For all questions and information regarding donations or sponsorships, please visit the Donations and Sponsorships page.