Concrete measures for a respectful and safe environment for all

Ubisoft Montreal is implementing a concrete action plan to guarantee an environment where everyone is able to express themselves, develop and flourish both personally and professionally in the studio.

Concrete measures to bring about profound change

The plan focuses on six impactful measures:

1. External and independent investigations;
2. An external audit of our practices, policies and governance;
3. A more diverse management team by the next year;
4. A comprehensive and mandatory training plan for all employees;
5. A new engaging and binding code of conduct;
6. A post of ombuds.

1. An external investigation process for employees and former employees of Ubisoft

An external, neutral and independent investigation process to deal with all cases of unacceptable, inappropriate and abusive behavior has been initiated and carried out by the firm Relais expert conseil (REC). This process is open to current Ubisoft employees but also to former employees. We encourage anyone who has witnessed or been the victim of reprehensible behavior to speak directly to REC’s investigation experts while respecting the rules for the protection of privacy and personal information.

To contact Relais expert conseil :
Telephone : 1 866 956-8288
Email :

2. An external audit to ensure a respectful management structure

A complete audit process conducted by the firm Accenture is underway. Its mandate includes the review of our HR policies and processes, but also of our governance structure, our systems as well as the culture and subcultures of the studio.

3. A management team representative of the diversity of our community at the studio

We are committed to expanding and diversifying the senior management team at Ubisoft Montreal so that new, strong voices are added to the discussions, directions, ambitions and decisions made at the studio. We are giving ourselves one year to achieve this goal.

In the same vein, the head office also announced in the last days the appointment of Raashi Siika as VP Diversity & Inclusion. Her mandate will be to design and implement an ambitious plan to promote diversity, equity and inclusion within Ubisoft.

4. A mandatory training plan for a common understanding of the issues

Specific training on the behaviors to adopt to cultivate a more respectful environment free from harassment will be followed by all employees. Specific training, also compulsory, is also already deployed for managers and people in positions of authority in the studio.

5. A new code of conduct to ensure a safe and respectful working environment

A new code of conduct was launched for the group in June 2021 and was signed by all employees at the end of June. This code will be signed annually by employees and by new recruits when they join the company.

6. An ombuds post

Reporting directly to the Ubisoft Group Board of Directors, a new ombuds function will be assumed by an external person. Its mandate will be to receive and handle employee complaints impartially. This ombuds will act as mediator, coach and arbitrator when necessary and will issue recommendations to enable us to better anticipate the emergence of undesirable situations and to correct them quickly.


These measures are only the beginning of a profound change that is taking place at all levels of the company. We are determined to do better and to cultivate a respectful and safe work environment for all.