Alexis Farand – Sound Talent

The distinct, sharp, and precise sound of the Assassin’s secret blade, you’ve heard the sound, right? If you’re an enemy of this ancient order, it may well be the last sound you ever hear… But who’s really behind this mythical sound?

It’s no one else but Alexis Farand, Foley artist of the series. With more than one trick up his sleeve, he gives an organic and immersive touch to the games. Galloping horses, birds’ flights and clashing swords, it’ll never cease to amaze you!

It’s certainly thanks to craftsmen like him that we realize that video games are not exclusively digital and that a multitude of art forms exist within Ubisoft Montreal studios.

Templars, stay on your guard, because the noise you heard may not have been just the wind…

Interview with Alexis Farand, sound designer of the latest Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.