Your education: an important asset to kick off your career

Your Career

Are you passionate about video games and considering studying in a related field? Here are five tips that can help you plan your journey toward a career in the industry.

  1. Choose a wide field of study, such as sciences or mathematics, which will lead to many employment opportunities after graduation.
  2. Before settling on a path, take time to look at job postings on studios’ websites. You will see what skills are essential for the jobs you are interested in and you will be able plan your education accordingly.
  3. Complement your university education by participating in game jams or game development clubs, and by developing side projects on your own time to hone and demonstrate your skills.
  4. Early in your career, keep an open mind and look for opportunities that will allow you to keep growing – the best keep an open mind and never stop learning throughout their whole careers. The video-game industry moves fast, and change is a way of life.
  5. Regardless of the courses you  end up choosing or the job you’re aiming for, when you’re meeting with a recruiter it’s important to be clear about your accomplishments and interests. You should be able to clearly demonstrate that you have mastered the required skills.

Quebec boasts an excellent post-secondary education system that can lead to a career in game development.

Make thoughtful, long-term decisions about your career, and look to current and future industry trends and requirements. If you really want to stack the deck in your favour, you should know that a computer-science or computer-engineering degree is a safe bet!

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