Who’s under the hat? Xavier edition

Xavier has been a programmer at Ubisoft Montréal since 2012. He’s part of the Technology Group, a entity within Ubisoft that works to improve the productivity and efficiency of the production teams through the development of tools and technological solutions. Basically, the Technology Group or “TG” contributes to enrich the gamers’ experience. Xavier’s job consists of creating and updating tools that will allow User Interface (UI) Artists to build a game’s graphical user interface.
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What’s your online username?

Where are you from?
I was born in Fort-de-France, Martinique. I lived there until I was 18, then moved to France to study math and computer science. After living in France for 16 years, I moved to Montreal to work at Ubisoft. I’ve been here 4 years now.

Describe your job in 5 words
Making tools for Rebecca. (laughs) No but really it would be: I make UI tools.

DSC_6177lrCan you explain how teamwork plays into your typical week?
My team and I talk pretty much every day. We have daily meetings where we take stock of what’s been done and what’s coming up, and we help each other out to make sure that no one is stuck on a problem. We share in both our successes and failures as a team. Our team lead, Vincent Gauthier, is a guy that trusts us and listens to us. It’s crucial to know that he supports us, because it makes us strive to do better and push ourselves.

Our collaboration can also be felt through the support we provide to the production teams. We’ve established a rotating system through a hand puppet—every week, one of us handles the requests. If the employee in question must fulfill a request that doesn’t fall into their area of expertise, they have to work with the team member who’s best able to answer the question. This type of collaboration allows for knowledge sharing between colleagues, and better efficiency overall.

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What’s your greatest achievement at Ubisoft?
I’d say that my greatest achievement is the tool that my team and I are currently working on. It makes a UI artist’s job easier and boosts their productivity. It’s very gratifying to know you’re helping others with their work.

What’s your favorite place in the Mile End?
There are many of them, but if I had to choose, I’d go with Serrano. The tropical fruit drinks they sell remind me of Martinique!

If you could have a super power, what would it be?
Definitely teleportation—so I could travel and meet more people.

What’s your favourite game (all genres included)?
The Street Fighters series. I’m not that good, but I love learning from players who are better than me. I also enjoy the sense of community at the tournaments; meeting the players and competing against them.

Soccer ou Hockey?
Basketball! (laughs)

Do you have a motto?
Be present in the moment. My 5-year-old son is a constant reminder of this. He’s not yet old enough to plan for the future or to have regrets, so he savours each moment and expresses his feelings and lives every moment to the fullest.

©Stéphane Desmeules

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