Ubisoft presents an immersive experience at the World Press Photo Expo in Montréal

An irrefutable sign that Montreal’s cultural season is upon us: the arrival of the infamous and prestigious World Press Photo Expo. From August 28 to September 29, the exposition  is housed in the magnificent Bonsecours market.

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For the first time this year, Ubisoft is partnering with the event to present a virtual reality experience entitled Age-Old Cities: A virtual journey from Palmyra to Mosul.

Visitors  have the opportunity to don a VR helmet to immerse themselves in the heart of six mythical monuments of the Arab world: the Temple of Palmyra in Baalshamîn and the souk of Aleppo in Syria; the Basilica of Leptis Magna in Libya; as well as the mosque of al-Nouri, Nabi Younes underground and Notre-Dame-de-l’Heure church in Mosul, Iraq.

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Recreated thanks to the expertise of partners involved in digital site reconstruction, this exhibition aims to raise awareness of the challenges of preserving fragile heritage sites. This immersive experience, presented for the first time in North America, is developed by the Arab World Institute, thanks to the expertise of Iconem and Ubisoft, in partnership with UNESCO and the University of Lausanne.

The Millennium Cities VR experience is presented everyday starting at 6 pm.