Ubisoft Indie Series presented by National Bank: announcement of the finalists

Today, the independent video game studio community finally gets to uncross their fingers: as we are disclosing the ten finalists of the Ubisoft Indie Series presented by National Bank. This competition intends to provide financial support to participants, but also (and especially) mentoring, creative tools, marketing wit and financial advice to increase the success of the participating studios in the release of their next game. This initiative aims to fulfill one of our engagements of contributing to the global rise of entrepreneurs in Quebec’s techno-creative industry. When the local video game industry shines, it profits the indie and the AAA studios alike!

The third edition of the series announces a fierce competition that has given a serious challenge to our selection committee – there is a lot of Indie talent in Quebec! Of the 35 studios that submitted applications, 10 are moving forward to the next stage. Here is this year’s selection:

Pamplemousse Game Studio

Triple Boris Studio

ManaVoid Inc Studio

Clever Plays Studio

Polymorph Games Inc Studio

Bishop Inc Studio

Cradle Games Studio

Moshing Cat Studio

Neonable Studio

Ratloop Games Studio

Best of luck to our finalists. May the best studio win!


To learn more about this competition, visit the Ubisoft Indie Series presented by National Bank webpage.