Ubisoft Entrepreneur·es presents the Quebec Young Techno-Creative Leader Award at the 44th edition of the ARISTA Provincial Contest

The 44th edition of the prestigious ARISTA Provincial Contest Gala took place on October 19, 2021.

This gala celebrates and rewards young leaders in Quebec. This year, through the Ubisoft Entrepreneur·es initiative, we are pleased to once again present the Quebec Young Techno-Creative Leader category.

This year’s nominated young techno-creative leaders are all inspiring and of high caliber, we can be proud of the next generation! Azadeh Dastmalchi won this year’s honors with the extraordinary and innovative work of Vital Tracer, her wearable and smart medical device company. Techno-creativity that saves lives!

Check out the profiles of the three nominees, all of whom deserve a round of applause and a platform for their tech achievements.


Azadeh Dastmalchi, CEO of VitalTracer

Azadeh is CEO of Vital Tracer, a medical startup that designs smart wearable medical devices. She holds a Ph. D. candidate at the University of Ottawa, obtaining her Master’s degree from the same university in Biomedical Engineering. For the past twelve years, her main area of research has been the design and development of medical devices, particularly those for monitoring vital signs and AI applied to biological signals.


Matthieu Clas, co-founder and CEO of HookMotion

HookMotion makes security cameras smarter with computer vision. In May 2019, after learning how casinos stop fraud and collect data, Matthieu co-founded HookMotion where he manages growth, financial planning, market research, outreach, and customer relations. As a mechanical engineering graduate, he is no stranger to technical projects. To develop his business acumen, he participated in programs and gas pedals such as Centech, NextAi – where HookMotion was selected as the startup most likely to succeed. Today, after two years of work, the company is preparing to expand our solution internationally, from here in Quebec, to Las Vegas, Central America and Asia.

Ramee Mossa, CEO and Co-founder, Ftex

A technologist and full stack web developer, Ramee has designed and developed advanced technology prototypes, including several high performance drones, one of which is patent pending. He envisions the urban mobility revolution through electric and active transportation in the city by making bikes, scooters and other electric vehicles used for last mile deliveries more attractive with FTEX Drives. His previous work includes software development, technology consulting roles with multinational corporations, and public policy consulting with municipal governments. Ramee received his postgraduate degree in political science with honors from the University of London.

The nine other categories awarded in the contest are

Quebec Young Executive, presented by BMO
Quebec Young Self-Employed, presented by Bell
Quebec Young Leader: Social Responsibility, presented by Energir
Quebec Young International Leader
Quebec Young Professional, presented by :Brio
Quebec Young Entrepreneurial Starter, presented by the Ordre des CPA
Quebec Young growing entrepreneur, presented by Investissement Québec
Quebec Young Entrepreneur: Arts and Culture, presented by the Conseil des arts de Montréal
Quebec Young entrepreneur, presented by the Solidarity Fund QFL

Interested in learning more about how Ubisoft is contributing to the overall growth of Quebec’s techno-creative entrepreneurs? Take a look at our Ubisoft Entrepreneur·es program!