Ubisoft Education: 3 years of initiatives to highlight

The Ubisoft Education program and its partners have been offering many activities since 2018 to interest and introduce young people to science and technology from elementary school to university.

By supporting the development of young people’s skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), Ubisoft Education aims to attract them more towards these disciplines in order to diversify the Quebec talent pool.

We are pleased to present the results of the program to date in this video highlighting the impact and key figures of our initiatives.

Key numbers

With a labour shortage of nearly 45,000 workers in science and technology in Quebec, the solutions must be creative. That’s why the Ubisoft Education program, is particularly important.

In fact, more than 75,000 young people between the ages of 6 and 17 and more than 1,300 university students have been reached thanks to the numerous initiatives over the past three years. More than $280,000 in scholarships have also been awarded.

Employee involvement

The Ubisoft Education program would not be possible without the involvement of employees in Montreal, Quebec City and Saguenay, who are actively involved in passing on their expertise and passion to the next generation. We thank them for their time and support! They are making a difference in igniting the spark of science and technology and preparing a strong and diversified future of tech in Quebec.

Thank you for three great years, and for all the others to come!

To keep up with our activities and those of our partners, follow the Ubisoft Education Facebook and Instagram accounts.