Ubisoft Developers Conference: Learning Through Sharing

Life at Ubi

No, you’re not dreaming, the Mile End has been a little bit livelier and more festive this week. The reason is simple: the tenth annual UDC (Ubisoft Developers Conference) was happening this week!

The event is a hotspot of knowledge and sharing for Ubisoft production teams from around the world. This year’s anniversary event brought together 479 participants and contributors from 15 countries and 38 different Ubisoft studios. Attendants learned about Ubisoft’s innovations, technical challenges and newly developed technologies. This is Ubisoft’s biggest internal conference event, and we can be proud it’s happening here!

Since the Montreal studio hosts the UDC every year, the event communications team takes this opportunity to help our guests experience local culture and traditions. Our guests will go home with first-hand experience of Quebec’s cold weather, the city’s hottest spots, plus several cans of maple syrup.

It’s an honour and a pleasure to share and showcase our employees joie de vivre, technical acumen and creative spirit with our international colleagues every year.

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