Ubisoft and Concordia University launch an international video game design course

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Designed as a game itself, the online course offers exclusive content from a gaming industry leader.

University students from around the world can now enroll in a game design course to learn game design from one of the world’s best game developers. Ubisoft, Concordia University and KnowledgeOne, are partnering to offer the course to universities internationally.

Designed as a video game, Game Creators’ Odyssey is an online course that takes students through the development process of video games. The course is based on Ubisoft’s know-how as one of the leaders of the gaming industry and offers a hands-on approach to game design that allows students to learn from a game developer’s perspective.

“At Concordia, we are always looking at ways to expand and improve learning,” says Concordia interim President Graham Carr. “Game Creators’ Odyssey is a great illustration of the innovation and creativity both Ubisoft and Concordia are known for.”

“The Game Creators’ Odyssey is based on the expertise we have acquired at Ubisoft over the past 30 years, and internal training for our developers around the world.

It is a great pleasure to adapt this training for universities and share our knowledge in videogame development with the next generation of creators.” says Olivier Palmieri, Game Director at Ubisoft Montreal.

Game Creators’ Odyssey takes students through the story of Nagato, a shinobi warrior -ninja in feudal Japan-on a quest to discover his true calling and craft his legacy. The hero’s story evolves with the students’ own learning journey. Just like Nagato, students will practice their skills and challenge their knowledge. They will earn experience points allowing them to unlock further content and level-up in the leaderboard.

Students will learn game design theory by examining concrete examples and analyzing games created by Ubisoft. They will also access insider insights through industry tips and exclusive interviews with the company’s game developers. Students will have to create their own game concept and share their design on the platform in order to complete the course.

“This is a unique online course with striking visuals and exclusive content,” says Robert Beauchemin, CEO of KnowledgeOne. “Through our partnership with Ubisoft, we created a gamified e-learning experience that provides fundamental competences and allows them to move seamlessly within the industry.”

The course is split into two acts, each divided into chapters and missions. Act 1, called “Rational Game Design”, looks at the ways games are made and shows students how innovative game mechanics are created. Act 2, called “Rational Level Design”, teaches students how to create immersive game worlds and engaging gaming experiences. When completed, each act comes with a course certificate from Ubisoft and the university offering the course.

Game Creators’ Odyssey Act 1 is available in English and French and already offered to students through several universities. Act 2 will be available in the spring of 2020 in both languages.

To learn more about this course, visit the Game Creators’ Odyssey website.