Mentoring to inspire young people to pursue a career in STEM

Looking for initiatives to develop Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) skills in young people and/or inspire them to pursue careers in technology? Discover the mentoring options our partners offer. Activities are available online or in class across Quebec.

Cyber mentors guiding students toward their dream jobs in tech

By Academos

For: students aged 14 to 30
Location: online on the Academos platform

Founded in 1999, Academos is a non-profit that connects young people aged 14 to 30 with the real working world through a virtual mentoring app that lets them interact for free with thousands of professionals who are passionate about what they do.

Nearly 70 Ubisoft employees work as cyber mentors on the Academos online platform, answering students’ questions and guiding them toward their dream jobs. Meet Naomi, one of the Ubisoft mentors on Academos:


Visit the Academos website to find out more about this mentoring platform and discuss with Ubisoft cyber mentors.

Video Game Creation Project for Quebec Youth

By Youth Fusion

Level: Elementary (Grades 5 and 6) and high school (Secondary 1 to 5)
Location: 28 schools across Quebec*

The video game creation project introduces young people to video game technology and design by allowing them to create a video game from start to finish. While discovering the different elements that go into a video game, the students will experience all the various stages involved in creating a game: conceptualization, prototype development, producing a game design document, production, game testing and review. They also learn to master a whole range of tech tools linked to the different aspects of the project (sound, visuals, programming, etc.). This year, close to 800 students will be invited to create an interactive story and a video game prototype alongside Ubisoft professionals.

*Visit the Youth Fusion website to find out more about the video game creation project.

An international mobile app creation competition for girls

By Technovation Montréal and Technovation Québec

For: girls aged 10 to 18
Montreal and Quebec City

The Technovation program is an international mobile app creation competition that seeks to develop technology and entrepreneurial skills in girls aged 10 to 18. Launched in 2009 in Silicon Valley, the program has existed in Montreal since 2014. Teams of two to five members are coached by mentors as they develop a mobile app idea to respond to a problem or meet a need identified in their community. They must come up with a business plan and prototype while learning the basics of programming.

Since 2016, many Ubisoft employees have teamed up with this Montreal competition as mentors, guiding and directing these young teams. In 2018, Technovation opened a chapter in Quebec City with Ubisoft’s support.

For an overview of past editions, check out this article Technovation Montreal – 2019 winners announced and learn about the 2020 projects from the Technovation Montreal website.

Visit the Technovation Montréal and Technovation Québec website to find out more about this competition.

New digital content and tools to develop a taste for mathematics in primary school

By Alloprof

For: Primary school students and their parents
Location: Online across Quebec

Alloprof is a charitable organization in Quebec that provides free help with homework and lessons to primary and high school students, as well as support for their parents. Alloprof provides young people with eight different services (a phone service, a text service and six online services) involving a team of qualified teachers and a virtual community made up of student assistants, parents and educational stakeholders.

Ubisoft Education is proud to help Alloprof build innovative and practical math resources for the primary level. Our contribution helped launch the “Raton des conversions” a fun mobile app that helps kids fine-tune their skills converting units of length.

Visit the Alloprof website to find out more about what they have to offer.

Whatever their career interests, basic STEM skills will be fundamental for young people to achieve their professional dreams. That’s why Ubisoft Education supports initiatives that develop creativity, cooperation, critical thinking, problem-solving, computer thinking and empathy, and that call on the expertise of Ubisoft employees.

Want to find out more about the program? Discover all our initiatives on the Ubisoft Education page. You can also find all our latest news on Ubisoft Education’s Facebook and Instagram pages.