The Ubisoft Women in Tech initiative is launching today!

We are happy and proud to launch Ubisoft Women in Tech, an initiative to inspire and encourage young women to consider one of the many careers in technology in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal

“Together, Quebec and Montréal have established themselves as one of the most important technology centres in North America, thanks in large part to local creative and technological talent,” said Cédric Orvoine, vice-president HR and communications for Ubisoft Montréal. “But we have to do even better. The increase in the local pool of expertise is a path to strategic growth, and diversity represents an incredible opportunity. Significantly increasing the presence of women in the technology sector has to be a priority. With Ubisoft Women in Tech, we hope to shine a spotlight on this issue and inspire young women to choose careers in technical and creative settings.”

The Ubisoft Women in Tech initiative, which runs until June, appoints inspiring female role models as ambassadors. The ambassadors, whose identity will be revealed shortly, will have a unique experience that will include meeting Randi Zuckerberg during her visit to Montréal and that will take them to Silicon Valley for a trade mission funded by Quebec’s Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation. Working in the Montréal technology sector, these ambassadors will share their experience with the public, particularly young women, over the course of several months.

Montréal welcomes Randi Zuckerberg, an inspiring role model for young women

In addition to the content about our ambassador’s adventure, we are excited to welcome Randi Zuckerberg, entrepreneur, successful author and leading figure in the technology sector, on March 14, as part of the Bell International Leaders series and Ubisoft Women in Tech.

With a passion for technology and media, the Harvard graduate launched Zuckerberg Media in 2013. With her company, Zuckerberg wants to play a significant role in developing the next generation of successful women business leaders.

Details and registration information for Randi Zuckerberg’s speech are available on the Chamber website.


Stay tuned for our ambassador’s identity reveal!