The Ubisoft Game Lab Competition is back on!

Today, the details of the 2023 competition were revealed to 151 students. You could feel the excitement in the air.

Chadi Lebbos, VP of Production Intelligence and jury president for the 13th iteration of the Game Lab Competition, announced this year’s theme to 19 teams from 12 universities across Quebec: The arcade

Here’s what Lebbos had to say to the students:

 “Ubisoft has been a fixture in Quebec for the past 25 years, which made us think of arcade games because they were a precursor to video games.

I don’t know about you, but for me, the world of arcades really takes me back to my youth when I would wander around video arcades with my pockets full of change, going from one machine to another, trying to beat the high scores.

Today, I invite you to reimagine this pillar of video game history: the video arcade—a place where people get together, play, and most importantly, have fun one token at a time. Whether you’re racing, fighting, shooting, or dancing, arcade games are straightforward and keep you living in the moment. You just put a coin in the slot and start playing—it’s so easy! The mood is casual and most importantly, players end their game or day with a wicked smile on their face.”

The theme and its nostalgic twist opens the door to creativity. Teams were also reminded that they will be judged on several criteria this year. At the end of their journey, each team will have to present a playable (and, of course, fun) prototype of a video game that checks all the following boxes:

– An online scoreboard that displays the high scores

– Destruction and creation mechanics

– At least one interactive gravity modulation element

– Two elements of conceptual art

All this in just 10 weeks—a challenge worthy of our young talents! Each team will be supported by two exceptional mentors from Ubisoft’s Quebec studios. We would like to thank everyone who has eagerly stepped up to the plate.

This annual competition is part of Ubisoft’s Education program that helps prepare our youth for jobs of the future.

Winners will be announced at a prestigious awards ceremony at the beginning of May. Eight prizes and $22,000 in scholarships will be awarded to the winning teams. Ubisoft will offer an internship and/or job to at least 10 participants who stood out in the competition. Last year alone, close to 30 participants were hired by Ubisoft in Quebec.

Wishing you all a great Game Lab competition!