The Ubisoft Developers Conference at the studio – A video game experts annual meeting

Life at Ubi

The 11th edition of the Ubisoft Developer’s Conference (UDC) was held from February 25 to February 28 in Ubisoft Montreal studios. This great annual meeting of experts from all Ubisoft studios is always eagerly awaited, bringing together more than 300 international visitors and 1000 local participants. The goal is simple: to create an opportunity to share and develop skills in order to achieve a common goal together: to create the best games in the industry in the best possible way.

This year, three specialized courses have been planned, in addition to the main conference course whose subjects were related to development.

Experts in the fields of 3D, artificial intelligence and online games had the chance to benefit from conferences dedicated to their profession, in addition to exchange with colleagues from other Ubisoft studios.

In addition to these conferences, six mini-summits bringing together participants of similar or complementary expertise to discuss issues, shared issues or new technologies, such as multiplayer, cloud gaming and UI/UX.

Obviously, an event of this scope mobilizes a lot of our talent development teams, who accept the challenge each year.

Chantal Castonguay, Director of Talent Development at Ubisoft Montreal discussed with us the scale of the UDC, what the event represents for our experts and the magic that operates when such an opportunity is offered to our developers. Laurent Chouinard, an avid participant and presenter, also shared with us what the event represents for our teams.

The UDC in numbers

37 studios are participating in the event this year. What better way than an infographic to illustrate the scope of this annual meeting.

All the teams involved in the organization deserve a resounding round of applause for the colossal work accomplished. In addition to the participants present on the site, all our teams will be able to benefit from the presentations throughout the year, since the presentations are filmed, broadcast live and made available to the entire Ubisoft group after the event.

Congratulations to all for another successful edition!