The Internament is the Harbour team’s end-of-internship celebration

Life at Ubi

An internship with us is much more than just a learning experience. It’s a chance to work together with industry experts on projects that really make a difference in our games. Here, you don’t spend your time making photocopies or fetching coffee!

At Ubisoft Montreal, every team has its own story and identity. Internship experiences and recognition initiatives vary widely. But everyone at the studio is proud of all the students who lend a helping hand.

The Harbour team is in charge of Ubisoft’s online solutions. They started the Internament (from “intern” and “tournament”), a fun, community-building ritual to thank our interns, the Ubisoft way. Our interns engage in a friendly (but merciless) match to see who will be crowned champion.

But beware! It takes more than just being a pro with the controller to win the day! The winning intern must demonstrate their ability in numerous mental and physical disciplines, including Nerf target practice, Ubisoft trivia, and, of course, gaming on the big screen.

Everything has been designed to allow our student contributors to finish their internship with a smile on their face, in the hopes of becoming permanent members of the studio one day. Since the teams’ honour rests on the shoulders of their respective interns, the Internament can get intense! Apart from being an opportunity to showcase the students’ good work, the event helps shape Harbour’s culture and promote team spirit.

Of course, the competing athletes won’t leave empty-handed! In addition to many little Ubisoft gifts, they’ll also get a very exclusive Ubisoft Club badge, which will appear on their player profile. An exclusive digital acknowledgement that will give our wonderful interns some extra recognition!

In a nutshell, an internship at Ubisoft Montreal is not just a work experience, it’s a life experience. A perfect example of the great expression, “work hard, play hard.”

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