(Re)united for the hood

Mile End is one of the most vibrant neighbourhoods on the planet. It is a source of pride and a part of our quality of life at work  due to its liveliness and diversity.

Since March, local businesses have been significantly affected by public health measures. And they now will face many challenges in order to reverse the trend in the months to come.

As a major corporate player and admirer of the Mile End, we wish to make a gesture that will have a direct impact on the local businesses surrounding our studio. It is for this reason that we are launching “(Re)united for the hood”. This two-phased initiative will run until the end of December 2020 with an estimated total contribution of $170,000 to the neighbourhood. We are committed to:

  • Reimbursing in-store or online purchases made by our employees for a total of $100,000 starting June 8
  • Celebrating the progressive and gradual return of our employees to the studio by offering local products and services this fall
  • Raising awareness and encouraging our 4,000 employees to make local purchases a long-term habit

We are also encouraging other employers in the neighbourhood to amplify the impact of this effort by following suit. The more of us taking action in this way, the greater the impact of our collective effort.

Together, let’s support our local businesses #Reunitedforthehood.