Remote tests are now accessible to everyone!


Marie Roman, coordinator of the Ubisoft User Research Lab and Véronique Bouffard, founding member of the Team Sailor Scouts Esport team, answer our questions.

Come learn more about how to become a participant in the Ubisoft Montreal Playtests.

Why is setting up remote testing so important?

M.R .: In the context of COVID-19, the Montreal User Research Lab was no longer able to receive participants at our premises. Many projects are under development and sharing the experience of our players is at the heart of our mission and this takes place, among other things, during the Playtests.

Remote tests are therefore an experience offered to everyone?

M.R .: Yes that’s right. Whether you play daily or occasionally, our studies need you!

To promote remote testing, a video was shown during the Ubisoft Forward. In it, we see the reactions of participants during a remote test. Could you tell us more about this video?

M.R .: We wanted to bring the remote testing experience to local participants, so we invited the Team Sailor Scouts esports team.

V.B .: The whole team loved their experience with the Playtests! In fact, most of our players were participating in this kind of testing for the first time and were really surprised at how easy the online process was. This is certainly one of the highlights of their experience: being able to contribute to Ubisoft games, from their game setup in the comfort of their home!

How is a remote test carried out?

M.R .: Nothing could be simpler. Once you have registered on our registration website, all you have to do is answer the questions on your availability for remote tests. For now,  questions are only able to do remote testing on PC, but a website update will soon include remote testing on console and mobile! Overall, the procedure remains the same as a test in the studio. An invitation email will be sent to you where afterwards, one of our team members will contact you to check your equipment remotely, and help you install the free software we use.

On the day of the test, you will be able to connect to one of our PCs at Ubisoft Montreal. It’s like coming to the studio, except you can stay at home in your pajamas! A member of our team will remain in communication throughout the test. And finally, know all our participants are rewarded for their participation.

Want to be part of the adventure?

Go to the Playtest website:

Our next news:

MEGAMIGS 2020 – November 25

We will be present for a panel on the impact of your participation in a Playtest on our games under development, in collaboration with Team Sailor Scouts.

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We thank the Sailor Scouts Team for their collaboration and participation in our remote test.

You can find them on: FacebookTwitch and Discord