Nicolas’s Spark

What was the spark that motivated our employees to pursue a career in science and technology, before coming to work for Ubisoft? This is what we hope to find out by meeting up with Nicolas, a technical artist at Ubisoft Montreal. Learn about his inspiring path.

Since his childhood, Nicolas has always loved video games. His whole family suspects from elementary school that this passion will one day end in his career. It was in high school that he began attending LAN [1] and became more serious in his competitive Counter Strike team, which led him to travel to Toronto in the early ages of E-sport. Nicolas has excellent social skills. He himself admits that he was a better LAN organizer than a competitive player. He develops his ability to bring people together during these events, and it is his spark towards a career in technology. To get his dream job, he chose to study multimedia integration at the Maisonneuve College. This program provides him with training that covers many fields and allows him to try everything. Passionate like never before about the video game professions, he pursues his training at UQAT with a major in 3D creation and a minor in Game Design.

It was during a volunteering activity for the Mutek digital art festival that he had his first contact with Ubisoft, as a host of the immersive activity designed by the studio. After his second University trimester, he gets a summer job as research moderator for the user research laboratory, saying that he had an opening in the studio. He will return there throughout his studies and do his internship there, until he gets his first production position on Far Cry 5. Since then, he has brought a lot to his team thanks to his technical knowledge, his passion for his work and his ability to bring people together.

Nicolas adores to share his love for video game design. His involvement with Youth Fusion allows him to train many young people who are interested in the many professions related to technology.


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[1] LAN tournament: Gathering of players who participate in a video game competition at the same location.