Montreal Is The New North American Hub For Ubisoft’s Production Operations

Ubisoft is announcing that it is bringing together the management of all of its North American production studios under the leadership of Christophe Derennes. Derennes is currently the Managing Director of the Montreal studio, the first Canadian Ubisoft studio, founded in 1997. Derennes has been named Managing Director for all of North America, making Montreal the new North American hub for Ubisoft. This new hub will accelerate the execution of its global strategy, increase focus on the company’s most promising projects, and showcase its talented teams, who are essential to the short and long term success of the company.

“I am very happy to have this opportunity to work with all these teams. We will be able to take advantage of each studio’s strengths, and unique capacities and expertise. I believe that increased collaboration will allow our teams to support one another, learn from each other, and above all, inspire each other to create the best games for our players,” said Derennes, Managing Director, North America.

The Canadian studios of Montreal, Quebec City, Saguenay, Sherbrooke, Toronto, and Winnipeg, along with the American studios in San Francisco (partnered with Osaka and Sydney), Blue Mammoth Games in Atlanta and Red Storm Entertainment in Cary, North Carolina, will represent one of the largest video game production team in the world.

The creation of this new hub reinforces the strong ties and existing alignment between the various North American studios, in addition to strengthening the opportunities with the technological and research and development teams in the region. The consolidation of operations is expected to be in place by September 2024.