Mile End’s Crème de la Crème Meets at the Biggest Happy Hour of the Summer

Last Thursday, Aire Commune and Ubisoft Montreal joined forces, once again, to celebrate the impending end of a steamy summer. None other than the Mile End’s crème de la crème was there to entertain, feed, and dazzle the 6,000 people attending this summer’s biggest happy hour.

A few select guests had the pleasure of tasting Romeo’s gin’s latest crazy creation: a boozy slushie. Nothing says amazing night like a selection of exclusive cocktails by the most inventive bartenders from the Helm, the Waverly, Bishop & Bagg, and Ping Pong Club. Foodies tasted heaven with delicious offerings from Farine, Falco, Ice & tacos, Monsieur crémeux, Phyllobar Mélina’s, and Nouveau Palais. Fashion was also present with Le Cartel crew printing Ubisoft X Mile-End t-shirts on site.

Lexis and Shaydakiss heated the crowded dancefloor just before Lunice’s turn on the turntables. The burning set sent everyone bouncing carelessly on the dancefloor.

A thousand thank you to everyone involved and our visitor. Needless to say, YOU are the cream of the crop.

Photos: Loic Romer