Introducing Ubisoft RADAR: A new investment fund for indie game studios in Quebec

It’s no secret that independent video game studios in Quebec help the industry grow and thrive. That is why we are proud to celebrate a new milestone by launching Ubisoft Radar—a $10 million investment fund dedicated to finding, financing, and promoting games developed by indie studios in Quebec.

The latest initiative by Ubisoft Entrepreneurs, this fund aims to nurture the next generation of independent developers in Quebec.

About the RADAR fund

Ubisoft RADAR was created to support Quebec entrepreneurs in the video game industry by keeping intellectual property in Quebec.

The fund supports gaming projects at one of the following key moments in their development:

— At the beginning of the project in the concept phase and at the start of production

— At the end of development to launch the best game possible on the market

— At the time of marketing to optimize the visibility and notoriety of the product

For 25 years, Ubisoft has contributed to the development of the video game industry in Quebec, now the third-largest hub in the industry. With this investment fund, we want to reaffirm the importance of continuing to expand the fantastic local technological and creative ecosystem while supporting independent creators. These are the two essential levers for shaping the future of Ubisoft and more broadly that of our industry,” said Yves Guillemot, Ubisoft CEO and co-founder.

In addition to providing flexible financing solutions adapted to each project, Ubisoft RADAR will provide the selected companies with mentoring from internal experts and external partners.

Ubisoft RADAR is the latest addition to the partnerships, mentorships, and financial assistance offered by Ubisoft Entrepreneurs to support Quebec independent developers and encourage creativity in this vibrant industry. It’s another way to protect our ecosystem,” said Francis Baillet, vice-president of corporate affairs at Ubisoft.

All revenues generated by the fund will be reinvested in the program until 2030 so that other indie studios can also benefit from financial assistance. The first round of funding will be distributed in the fall of 2022. Entrepreneurs can obtain information and apply for financial assistance today on the Ubisoft RADAR website.