Inspiring Ubisoft mentors with Academos!

Have you heard of Academos?

This non-profit organization connects young people aged 14 to 30 with the reality of the working world through a virtual mentoring application. What makes it unique is the possibility of interacting for free with thousands of professionals and enthusiasts in their field.

Ubisoft has proudly supported this initiative for the past 4 years and over 60 mentors from our studio are guiding young people to find their dream job.

Introducing young girls to technology careers

Recently, we worked with the organization by broadcasting 5 live video conferences on their Facebook page, featuring female mentors from our studio. These meetings allowed us to learn a little more about each one’s job and introduce young girls to the technology industry.

These videos of inspiring colleagues are all available here.

Discover the job of Generalist Programmer

Lilly-Gabrielle also took part in a video explaining her background and her job.

An interview was also conducted and is available on the Academos website.

Ubisoft Education is very proud to contribute to the development of women in the industry and to continue to support Academos in their great project.

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