Fed Ex Cup—A chance to collaborate, create and innovate

Life at Ubi

The events program available to studio employees provides ample opportunity to put these three verbs to the test. And among these events is the FedEx Cup.

Organized to stimulate Technology Group (TG) team creativity and promote innovation, the Fedex Cup is a creative, collaborative, competitive event that offers teams the chance to spend two days working together on a project or original idea that could be of potential use to Ubisoft.

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“There’s no hierarchy in this event. Everyone works together. It’s a chance to try new things, learn and come up with ideas that could have a bearing on your everyday working environment.” —Alain Métivier

And of course, it’s also about having fun. The event is open to Technology Group members in Montreal and Quebec City and attracts all sorts of people, including developers, designers, team leads, tech leads, architects, product managers and specialists of every kind.

The teams are made up of four to six people, and participants are encouraged to sign up with people who are not in their usual teams.

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“For those three days, we work together and forge bonds.” —Alain Métivier, Team Lead Programming, TG

During previous events, some prototypes came into being that our teams now use, such as an employee carpooling system and a tool that informs the logistics and IT departments when there’s a problem in a meeting room.

For the seventh year, Philippe Fortin, Patrick Lespérance, Isabelle Lafon, Stephan Bureau and Marc-André Montreuil won the top prize with their TG Welcome Kit project. This tool automates workstation set-up for new recruits through an emailed link. This project saves a lot of time when it comes to integrating newcomers!

The following teams received honourable mentions:

People’s Choice: Agora—a fun app that coordinates time spent working together and turns it into a game. The team was made up of Abdelkarim Belkhir, Vincent Doré-Millet and Daniel Miller.

Most Useful Project: Where is it?—a tool that sends out a notification before a meeting with directions on how to get to the room where it is being held. The team was made up of Pierre Sackhouse, Joël Tremblay and Xavier Chamoiseau.

Most Original Project: Agora

Best Achievement: Earl Platform—a web platform that follows game production through the UI pipeline from start to finish. The team was made up of Bertrand Marie, Matthieu Lebigre, David Lightbown, Cristophe Boulanger and Benjamin Vigié.

Best Demo: Magic Shaku—a measurement tool that provides you with exact times on how long it takes to perform specific daily tasks. The team was made up of Carlos Manuel Taledo, Anaëlle Baubinnec, Audrey Quilicot, Paul Frey, Laurent Olivier Chiquette, and Samuel Éthier.

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Well done to everyone who took part in this wonderful event. We look forward to seeing you in 2020 for its eighth incarnation!