Featured Jobs of the Moment – March

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Cedric Decelle

From tools programmer to lead programmer, technical director, and producer, Vice-President of Technology Cedric Decelle has seen the continued evolution of Ubisoft’s tech first-hand.

What’s stood out to him in his 15-year career at the studio is the importance placed on technology and people. “Ubisoft has become a second family to me,” he says. “It’s a human company with an array of tech experts from different backgrounds. There’s no shortage of opportunities and interesting challenges to tackle together.”

As Vice-President of Technology, Cedric sees to the success of our games from a technological standpoint. He defines our technological ambitions, sets a vision, and empowers our tech community to make it come to life while aligning our resources and staying closely connected to the teams’ reality.

“Our technological environment is what allows us to achieve our ambitions, to make more high-quality games, and improve player experiences,” Cedric tells us. “We’re constantly reviewing our ways of doing things and making plenty of space for innovation. It’s at the heart of our concerns.”

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Christ Keuchkerian

Christ Keuchkerian has been with Ubisoft since 2014 in the virtualization team. Throughout the years, the team has evolved and so have the technologies. As a virtualization administrator, he gets to manage and propose VMware solutions in Ubisoft datacenters, but that is just the tip of the icerberg. The team, composed of 5 people, gets to do a lot of automation, scripting in Python and Powershell. Ansible and Git are also a huge part of what they do. From a monitoring perspective, they’ve dabbled with Telegraf, InfluxDB and Grafana. Although they actively participate on architecture subjects, some of the work the virtualization team does is more operational: Adding/removing new CPU, RAM, disks, network requirement, etc.

What keeps Christ motivated is the challenge: the design is continuously changing, they interface with new technologies like NSX amongst others, and he also likes the team culture. In Christ’s words: “everyone is easygoing, we have a very democratic approach to things, where everyone is listened to, and we have ownership of what we do.” Collaboration is a huge part of what they do, from daily meetings to refinement meetings and even impromptu meetings. Binomial work on new projects, especially regarding unknown areas or fields of expertise, fosters an atmosphere of constant growth and learning, as well as team building and symbiosis with members of the group

Sounds like something that could interest you? Apply here: Ubisoft Virtualization Administrator | SmartRecruiters

Chris Issa

What’s the day to day like for Chris Issa ?

At the heart of any data developer role, the main objective is to supply usable data and provide services that can enable Data Science, Business Intelligence, and any other dependent team to do their jobs adequately. To achieve this objective, a data developer must possess an understanding of a wide variety of tools and methodologies. Implementing batch or stream processing pipelines, building backend services, provisioning the infrastructure that powers them, and productionizing machine learning models are among the tasks a data developer is expected to do. A senior data developer should be capable of leading new initiatives and navigating large-scale projects, while collaborating with and mentoring others on the team.

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