Farah Alibay for Ubisoft Education !

As part of the Hooked on School Days, which took place this year from February 14 to 18, Ubisoft Education produced 2 video clips with none other than Farah Alibay. This NASA aerospace engineer, who grew up in Joliette, is part of the team that pilots the Perseverance robot, which is charged with exploring the planet Mars. The robot landed on the Red Planet on February 18.

A collaboration between Ubisoft Education and Télé-Québec in the classroom, the videos, aimed at young people aged 8 to 17, present several facets of Farah Alibay’s journey. We learn more about her academic and professional path, her mission on Mars, but also about the importance of creativity and even failure to help her reach her goals.

Ubisoft Education’s mission is to introduce and inspire youth, especially girls, to careers in science and technology. Farah is a great ambassador to help us reach young people.

Here are the 2 clips with Farah! Watch with your students, your children or simply to be inspired by this extraordinary journey.

Enjoy watching!