Earth week at Ubisoft Montreal

Life at Ubi

To celebrate Earth day, we decided that one day was simply not enough! The studio organised an entire week of activities focused on sustainable development to invite our Ubisoft Montreal community to reflect upon and learn about our environmental impact. To kick off Earth Week, employees were able to get their dose of coffee for half the price by bringing their own reusable mugs. A perfect way to start this week off on the right foot.


A green way to commute

What’s more pleasant than going to work each morning with the wind in your hair? To encourage our teams to consider greener transportation methods, our employees have access to a corporate discount for a BIXI membership. Those that already have their own two-wheels were not left in the dust. After a long winter, some of these bikes needed some extra love. The friendly mechanics from Cyclo Chrome spent the week tuning up employees’ bikes, thus making it easier to ride safely on Montreal’s slopes.


Lunch time learning and creating

We were delighted to welcome Ville en vert for a series of free conferences about sustainable development. Throughout the week, we learned about urban agriculture, waste reduction and alternatives to plastic. This was a great opportunity to learn about and adopt proven and effective day-to-day strategies on limiting our ecological footprint. Since we have never been afraid of creating worlds or getting dirty, we pulled up our sleeves to build terrariums. The P3 Permaculture team ran a hands-on workshop where creativity and green thumbs went hand in hand.


Some namaste to conclude the week

Our very own Gym team treated us all to the perfect grand finale of the week: a meditation and yoga session. A perfect opportunity to breathe and unwind.

Of course, it’s the little things that matter every day. After this eco-friendly week, we will be ready to go back to our day-to-day norm, better informed and equipped with new tools to take care of the planet, 365 days a year. Stay tuned for some exciting news coming up soon!