Ubisoft officially launches Create the Unknown, a new Quebec recruitment campaign

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Get yourselves ready: Ubisoft will be in the spotlight over the next few weeks in Montreal. We’re launching a new campaign which celebrates all that defines us: our talented people, our remarkable brands, and our unique culture! Create the Unknown: our call to action is simple but unique. That’s exactly what awaits you when you choose a career at Ubisoft – a place where you constantly push creative and technological limits in video game field, inventing the future of the entertainment industry day after day. Keep an eye out for the campaign in the days to come around Montreal, in the metro, on the web, and through videos presenting our studio and its experts.

The campaign’s manifesto represents all the heart, passion and audacity that the studio has to offer and those that bring their daily dose of magic:

Why settle for a job that will make you a living, when you can have a job that makes your life?

This is a job for creators, future thinkers, risk takers and game changers. Join a team moving entertainment forward, one new world and new experience at a time. Help us solve the biggest challenges in gaming and technology today.

And face new challenges of tomorrow

Join us, and create the unknown

International campaign, local flavour

The creative assets of this international campaign were developed by the BBH agency in London. The Ubisoft Group let the Montreal studio take on the French-language copy adaptation for use in Quebec and elsewhere in the French-speaking world, with support from the LG2 ad agency. It is therefore our local expertise and creativity that will make its appearance the world over!

A sneak peek

Here’s a preview of the visuals that will be popping up around Montreal and online starting October 10:

If you’re intrigued by the call of the unknown and want a career where out of this world ambition is admired, then there’s one thing left to do: check out Your Career page!