Children’s Christmas 2020 Edition

Life at Ubi

2020 the grumpy year won’t have gotten the better of one of the most beautiful and popular traditions at the studio: Children’s Christmas. Every year, young and old alike enjoy a magical moment in the company of Santa Claus and his elves to receive their gift. Since Santa Claus can’t afford to have Covid-19 before mass distribution, the elves at Ubisoft Montreal had to invent a new formula to continue this important tradition.

If the children can’t come to Santa Claus, he will come to them.

The jovial character is well used to touring houses, so why not get a little ahead of the game this year and deliver to the amazed toddlers an advent calendar that will allow them to count down the days before his next visit on December 24th. A massive tour where 1071 gift boxes were distributed in one weekend.

Sweets, everyday

This calendar is in the form of a Christmas village to assemble yourself. In the 24 houses, there are as many surprises to spend a sweet and pleasant time with your family. Much better than a chocolate!

A big thank you to the elves of the events team who were able to (literally) deliver a magical event that lived up to the expectations of the children of the big family in the studio.

Happy Holidays to all! Now the hardest part: not to unpack all the houses right away!