Become the Ombuds
for Ubisoft’s Canadian studios


Listen, mediate, advice, guide

Ubisoft is implementing best practices in conflict prevention and management to provide its employees with a healthy and respectful work environment where everyone can develop their full potential.

As part of this effort, Ubisoft is looking to bring in the expertise of an Ombuds whose role would consist of:

  • Listening: They can act as an unbiased reference for employees who want to assess if they are encountering a problematic situation with their manager concerning the organization’s policies or processes. They can also act as a reference for managers.
  • Advising: They can propose neutral and tangible ways for people to manage difficult situations on their own.
  • Mediating: At the request of those involved in a dispute, they can act as a mediator to help resolve the conflict.
  • Guiding: They can direct employees and managers to the appropriate resources to deal with the situation they are experiencing (e.g. Employee Assistance Program, HR partner, doctor, etc.).

Their role is to advise employees, managers and the organization on the potential solutions to their problems. The Ombuds can work independently at any level in the organization to raise awareness of their recommended measures, which can include both individual and collective solutions.

Recommendations can emerge from specific cases as well as from a broader analysis of a recurring trend in the organization.

It is important to note that the Ombuds does not make decisions and does not adopt internal policies. They have the power to make recommendations.

Moreover, an Ombuds service will enable us to adapt policies and related processes so that they are more effective and thus have a positive impact on our work environment.

Ultimately, this expertise will allow us to learn from past experiences to improve our intervention methods and proactively prevent undesirable situations.

The Ombuds’s role is impartial and independent of the organization, and they report directly to the President of the Nominations, Compensation and Governance Committee of the Ubisoft Group’s Board of Directors. As this is an external position, they will work in collaboration and complementarity with the company’s various internal processes and departments, such as human resources, to ensure cohesion and transparency for studio employees and senior management.

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